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Commonly Asked Questions:

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade is a non-profit action organzation designed to meet community or area needs.  It is a voluntary organization of progressive individuals and businesses that work together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, and civic interests of a community.

What does a Chamber Do?

The Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst–a common vehicle mobilizing enlightened members from all segments of the business community to work together for the common good of the total community.  With the aim of achieving economic success, staff, volunteers and business people strive to keep their area’s economic conditions at a level where businesses and residents willingly and enthusiastically risk their capital in their community in the hope of making a profit.  Everything else the Chamber does is a means to an end (events, mixers, fundraisers, and meetings).

Who Funds the Chamber?

The Lac La Biche & District Chamber of Commerce is funded by the membership along with the assistance of fundraising activities.

Who runs the Chamber?

A Board of Directors, elected by the Chamber of Commerce’s members, runs the organization.  The Board, serving as volunteers, sets the policies and goals of the organization.  It is the responsibility of the Executive Director or Manager to ensure these policies and goals are met.

What do Volunteers do?

Volunteers provide the ideas, the drive, the goals, the funds and the voluntary services to keep the Chamber of Commerce motivated and operating.

What is the Benefit of a Membership?

The major benefit of membership is the Chamber of Commerce acting as the unified voice to the areas of businesses, including industry and professional firms.  Chambers of Commerce also provide their members with value-added programs available only to members (ie. merchant rates; comprehensive group insurance; courier and natural gas discounts, to name a few).  The savings from these programs often offset the cost of membership.

Strong membership involvement in its activities will increase the impact and effectiveness of the organization.  Chamber of Commerce membership is an investment in the present and future of the individual’s and the community’s welfare.

Do Members ever Disagree with what the Chamber Does?

The only way for the Chamber to avoid disagreement on some ground is to do nothing at all, or do only those rare things in which everyone agrees.  But that would mean a meaningless or feeble program of activity.  As a member, you have the privilege of a vote in every project undertaken. 

What is the Benefit of a Chamber to the Community?

In any community, it is from the profitable operation of business that all other benefits result.  Only by succeeding in this fundamental goal can a community provide the jobs and produce the wealth to finance all of the cultural, charitable and various other needs a community is faced with every day.

The Lac La Biche & District Chamber of Commerce has always stood for promoting business; monitoring municipal, provincial and federal governments; and championing managed growth in local economy.

So, by investing in your local Chamber of Commerce, you invest in your own prosperity – both as a business person and as a member of the community.


About the Chamber Membership Benefits
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